Aunt Trudy’s pocket wraps are nutritious, and oh, so convenient!
Organic, gourmet quality, single serve vegetarian meal options that are fully microwavable.
Take them with you to the office or school for an easy lunch!

A brand inspired by a real world person, beloved relative, Aunt Trudy.

Aunt Trudy was a family member close to our CEO, Ron Rexroth. She was famous in the family making delicious recipes from a few simple ingredients.

Inspired by her, the brand was born and dedicated to Aunt Trudy. She will always be remembered with love.

Aunt Trudy’s products are committed to bringing you tasty food that is as convenient as they are wholesome. You can feel good serving these single portion pocket meals for you or your family.

At the Fillo Factory, we work hard to use uncomplicated organic ingredients. We do small runs to insure quality, and to be sure we create the best possible product for you to enjoy.

Buon Appetite!

Aunt Trudy's Product Line