Don’t let our name fool you. We’re so much more than a fillo manufacturer. The Fillo Factory brand has stood for quality fillo dough and fillo based products for over 35 years. Our consistency and quality has allowed us to grow and expand our product line to include six brands by 2021- featuring frozen appetizers and light entrees in these categories: Organic, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Kosher Classics, Vegan, Vegetarian and more.

It All Started back in The Day...

The Beginning

Our CEO Ron Rexroth grew up in a tight-knit family that owned a fillo-producing business. He had planned to go to Culinary school before he decided to become a Mechanical Engineer. That was over 36 years ago.
After graduating college Ron spent 4 years perfecting and developing the latest generation of fillo machinery. His parents sold their fillo business when he was in college.

The Fillo Factory Finds A Home

Ron took his knowledge of fillo production, and his newly refined equipment and opened the doors to the original Fillo Factory in Bergenfield, NJ.

The Fillo Factory quickly grew into a well-loved brand, producing organic fillo doughs, and traditional ones.

Focusing on Wholesomeness

Once Rexroth and his wife Melissa started a family, he was determined to nurture his children and his customers with food that was healthy, free of chemicals and delicious. The Fillo Factory was doing the Organic way before it was a “thing.” With that philosophy, they began to market organic hand-held pocket sandwiches (Aunt Trudy’s),  fillo-based appetizers, desserts and fillo pies – like Spanakopita. 

Success Skyrockets

The company’s continued success left them looking for new headquarters, until they found and moved to a much larger facility in Northvale, NJ. The new site, with state of the art equipment, also incorporates solar panels and other innovations to help reduce their carbon footprint. 

Where We Are Today

The Fillo Factory continues to flourish in their new plant, moving into private label and foodservice, in addition to their own brands – which now includes 8 family-inspired, health-focused brands. The company has truly become a multi-generational family business as the founder’s (now grown) children are taking up key positions in the management and operations of The Fillo Factory.



Known for their organic fillo dough, regular fillo dough, pastry shells, appetizers and desserts made with their fillo.

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A brand dedicated to classic, and upscale appetizers.

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A classic and well-loved Kosher brand originally owned by Pearl Cohen, originated circa 1945.

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Aunt Trudy’s specializes in pocket wraps, or pocket sandwiches filled with vegetarian or vegan filling. Mostly organic.

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Famous for their Kosher Veggie Grillers and more.

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A certified gluten free brand, bringing our quality and flavor without the gluten.

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Our diversified Foodservice Brand that is well represented across the USA, with quality small bites for occasions of all kinds. Quality and value driven.

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This brand focuses on plant based meat alternatives, offering a range of veggie burgers to satisfy all palates.

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A premier source for hand crafted, quality seafood products for the foodservice industry.

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Kosher Veggie Burgers & Old World Kosher Specialties

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A foodservice brand featuring many fillo based appetizers and small bites and a range of other upscale quality small bites

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Elegant Classic Appetizers. Simply Elegant, Simply Unique, Simply Perfect

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